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 "11.13" tragedy - drunk-driving behind the curtain

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PostSubject: "11.13" tragedy - drunk-driving behind the curtain   Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:19 am


After the criminal happened, the handling traffic department didn’t impose any criminal and administrative punishment to the troublemaker who killed a person because of the traffic accident, nor detained the troublemaker even only one day. What it did was setting the criminal free. Because I couldn’t accept the decision sentenced by the Ministry of Public Security, I went to Beijing to appeal to higher authorities for help. To my surprise, I was detained by the authority and had labor education and then detained again.


The world really does not have the axiom?


The administrative executive department, which is responsible for handling the accident is not to Remove Criminal Cases to judicial organizations to solve the problem, and plots out responsibility on purpose irregularly. Additionally, they impose responsibility to the victim and force to collect penalty. In recent ten years, I rushed about to appeal to the higher authorities for help in Beijing. However, there is still no just solution.

A case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care. Our country is ruled by law, why they can be so arrogant?

What else can I expect?

Give back the truth Justice to the Chinese Law to awe the local government and the vicious power of the Security, Procuratorate and Justice departments. I do not have the aim to damage the image of our country. Please forgive me.

I have nothing to wish only hope the related department finish the case earlier, and give the victim a fair, reasonable and justice statement. Let the victim have his bones buried.


Meanwhile, I appeal to the international just people who maintain people’s rights and can help me to get justice. Let’s build a harmonious society!


A relative of the peacebreaker said in the office of accident ministry: We just bumped a person to death! It is not a big matter!

why they can be so arrogant?

The third item of the thirty-third article in Constitution of the People's Republic of China writes the nation respects and ensures human rights.



The deceased who should not have taken responsibility to the accident was not only imposed the responsibility but also forced to pay 100 RMB as penalty:

Public Security Organs has changed-over the Determination Re-designated on Road Traffic Accident in Responsibility and the relative regulations of solving traffic accident for twice since the past six years, which is sufficient to prove that the penalty on defunct victim is imposed.


This is despises the Chinese law the robber act!


For the falsification of the head of Accident Settling Group of Liaoyuan City, the character of the case has been changed. We impeach the fact to the City Public Prosecutors Office, but they refused to put on record. So we called on the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee for help and explained the case. To our surprise, he has transferred our documents to the mayor of Liaoyuan City. The Government of Liaoyuan City has given us the solving attitude at last.


In what situations the traffic accidents are impunity?


How to designate the responsibility when a driver makes traffic accidents after taking alcohols?  


How to deal with the situation when the higher public security organs discover that the lower public security organs makes a wrong re-designation of responsibility on the traffic accidents?

Although …… The Regulation of Settling Process in the Road Traffic Accidents



The public security organs shirk responsibility mutually, which cause the situation of the unjust charge unsolvable for a long time.


Notice sheet for transferring letter appeals of the public security organs


Settling Method for The Road Traffic Accidents (issued by the State Council, NO.89, in Sept. 22, 1991)



The Clause 4 regulates that the public security department is the responsible authorities of the state council to settle traffic accidents.


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"11.13" tragedy - drunk-driving behind the curtain
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