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 Serious Stuff!

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PostSubject: Serious Stuff!   Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:25 pm

pale pale The world is tending towards trouble-er...the SOVEREIGNTY of nations,I mean.The NEW WORLD ORDER and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT concepts worry some people like me.The International Bankers,led by Davidrockefeller,with his Trilateral Commission,and Chase Manhattan bank,reportedly,are tryng to sink nations and their Governments in HUGE DEBT,to control them economically and rule them over.Iraq war isalsofor this.Most US leaders are CFR(Council On Foreign Relations), members and almost all US International Financial Institutions too.
Many nations like Canada,New Zealand,Japan,South Korea, the UK etc are already controlled by the USA.
Globalisation,privatization,reforms etc are used for this.The EU,African Union,ASEAN and the proposed North American Union comprising the USA,Canada and Mexico are for this.
There is also talk of depopulation.That is culling 500 crore humans for the rest to enjoy theresources of Mother Earth.Various subtlemethods are used for this,like usage bio-weapons etc.Many feelthatthe EBOLA and HIV aids virus were made by the USA,for this.
I ama bit worriedabout what is going on........
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PostSubject: Re: Serious Stuff!   Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:00 am

It's a worry...
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Serious Stuff!
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